A) General Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment must be in full for the course in total before the start of the course
  2. we accept cheques, PayPal and direct bank transfer.
  3. the course is for the person named who provided evidence of medical qualification and is not transferable to anyone else.
  4. The course is not transferable to anyone else.
  5. If any false information given e.g.: saying you’re a doctor and you are not, false name, then your booking will be cancelled and fees are none refundable. It is your responsibility to arrange your own travel and accommodation to the venue.You confirm you are a medically qualified person: Doctor, dentist, nurse, midwife, paramedics. IF you provide false information then the consequences are your responsibility.
  6. You must get your own insurance.
  7. The fees are for the course booked. Transport, accommodation is not included and is your responsibility.
  8. Photos and videos during the course are not allowed. We as an academy have written consent from models for the sole purpose of the academy use only and that does not include delegates.

B) Cancellation Policy

  1. if cancellation is done 6 weeks before the course then the fees is none refundable and 100% of the fees with be deducted with 0% refund.
  2. if cancellation is done in less than 6 weeks then a 30% admin fee is deducted minus and transaction fees done by Paypal or and liable tax or any fees the Youth Doctor academy has or had to pay.
  3. If the Youth Doctor Academy cancels the course or delays it then you are entitled for a full refund unless you agree to attend another course
  4. If the venue is changed to another location more than 5 miles from the initial venue then we will pay for the transport from the original venue to the new one.
  5. If the course is cancelled for reason out of the hands of the Youth Doctor academy, e.g.: environmental disasters, strikes or any other reason out of the hands of The Youth Doctor Academy then the fees are refundable minus any charges or fees the Youth Doctor has to or had paid unless you agree to attend another course.