Our Aesthetics Courses

Migraine Course

Migraine Course

The only migraine course in the UK and Europe. This course is exclusive to Youth Doctors. Learn the latest techniques and how to apply them to treat severe migraine and headaches.
Introductory Aesthetics Training Courses

Introductory Course

Learn 8 procedures. This is ideal for those new to aesthetic and cosmetic medicine. Get started and learn the basic skills needed to set up a cosmetic and anti-ageing practice.
Botox Courses in Central England

Advanced Course

Learn 13 procedures. Ideal for those wanting to perfect their skills, learn more procedures and become advanced practitioners of aesthetic and cosmetic medicine.
Intensive Aesthetics Training Courses

Intensive Course

This course combines the Introductory and Advanced courses into a 21 procedure (2 day) training seminar for those wanting to get started practicing aesthetic and cosmetic medicine.
Botox for Excessive Sweating Training Course

Hyperhidrosis Course

Get the skills needed to effectively treat excessive sweating treatment (hyperhidrosis). This focused course will teach you the skills how to treat this condition safely.
Migraine & Hyperhidrosis Botox Training Courses

Migraine & Hyperhidrosis

This course combines our exclusive Migraine and Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Courses. Get the skills needed to perform both these aesthetic medicine techniques.
Botox Masterclass Training in Birmingham

Botox Masterclass

Learn all the 13 Botox procedures with our introductory and advanced courses (including the exclusive courses). This is suitable for those who want to be experts in anti-wrinkle treatments.

Botox & Migraine Masterclass

This course is designed to make you an expert in using Botox. You will learn all our 13 Botox procedures in addition to techniques taught on our exclusive migraine course.
1-2-1 Aesthetics Training Courses

1-2-1 Training

Get customized 1-2-1 hands-on training. This option is ideal for those practitioners interested in getting a comprehensive session apart from the group setting or wanting to perfect a particular skill.